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Jack and Zed Save the Day

It’s been a while since Zed and Oron completed their first mission on Planet Earth and Zed is just desperate for another adventure.  When he sees a little boy in trouble he is determined to find out what’s wrong and do what he can to help.  Before you can blink he is streaking through the sky – all on his own! Jack is kicking a ball in the school yard and, understandably, very surprised to see a small Alien hovering near his head.  He soon realises that small as he is, Zed is great fun to be around and quite inspiring when it comes to getting things done.

A Moving Day

The big day is here and a very big lorry has pulled up outside Sonny and Amber’s house ready to move them to their new one.  Mum and Dad have spent weeks boxing everything up and Gran is taking the children to the zoo so the grown-ups can get on with it.  Unfortunately Amber has realised that the one thing she cannot and will not leave without, her Little Ted, is missing and she’s sure he must be in one of the boxes… Will they be forced to postpone the move? Will Amber still be on the step when the new people move in? Will Gran stay and help or go to the zoo alone?

Guardian Alien

Oron is an ace inventor.   He lives on Planet Entron with, among a lot of other Aliens, his hapless cousin Zed.  He’s been growing increasingly concerned about what he’s seeing happening to Planet Earth.  He’s invented a Dream Cannon and decides to use it to inspire all the children on earth to do something to help to save their Planet.  Zed begs Oron to take him on the mission and Oron, who should know better, agrees… Will their mission be successful? What could Zed possibly do to jeopardise it? Should you always make exceptions for family?

Sonny's Shoe

It’s first thing in the morning; Mum is starting a new job and keen to get the children off to school nice and early so she won’t be late on her first day. Sonny has smuggled the neighbour’s dog in – and it’s taken off with one of his school shoes.  A hectic chase follows and just when they manage to capture the dog – a seagull swoops down and off they go again. Will Sonny have to hop to school? Will Mum have to go to work in her nightie? Will the neighbours learn to control their pets?

The Birthday Party

Like most children, Amber is beyond excited about her fast-approaching birthday party. Perhaps also like most children, she changes her mind – a lot – and her parents are desperate for her to choose a theme because they want to get everything ready. And that’s an understatement. Will Amber decide in time? Will her parents resist the urge to go completely bananas when she does? Will Gran come to the rescue..?